Who Is On Your Bus?

No road is long with good company.
— Turkish Proverb

I am currently reading Jim Collins' book – Good to Great. A standard read in business culture. In it, he speaks often of the concept that if you wish to be successful you have to put the right people on your bus. As I have been considering this assertion, I have come to realize that this is an idea which not only applies in the business world but in life as well.

Who is on your bus?

I like me, I make no apologies for believing that I am awesome, but I also have full realization that the person I am is a direct result of the incredible people I have in my life. I have been so blessed by the men and women who are currently and have been in the past a part of my life, their ideas, stories and passions have all played a piece in developing my own unique perspective on life and how I live it. So I ask -- Do the people you surround yourself with inspire you to be greater than you are? Maybe its time you let some of them off at the next stop. I am not suggesting that you have no one in your life that needs a lift, there should always be those who need to be inspired by you, but for the most part that inspiration relationship needs to flow both ways.

Are there many empty seats?

In our world of busyness, we tend to push some of the best people off our bus. Real relationships take time and effort. My advice, take a moment at some point today and reflect on the people in your life. Who do you admire? Who do you leave conversations with pumped up and ready to take on life? Book a coffee with them, it has probably been too long since you have had a real chat.

Enjoy the journey!

Life is a journey, not a destination. Done right your bus will take you on adventures you could never even dream, done wrong it will sit idling the driveway rusting away. You choose who gets on and if they stay for the ride. Remember, you are the driver!

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David Whitrow

A problem solver blessed with commonsense practicality, bred as a boy on the Canadian prairie. A world citizen with an international perspective gained through volunteer work in Africa, Asia and Central America. A life long learner with a passion for leadership and business strategy, he maintains an aptitute to apply critical thought to create unique solutions.