Welcome to Champagne Avenue

January 1, 2006, I awoke with an understanding at the center of my being that I needed to make some serious adjustments to the way I was living. It was a new year and I had come to the realization that the path that I was on was not directed towards the destination I desired. That day, I drew a line in the sand, turned away from the life but I was living an made some serious changes. It was a social and spiritual 180. The resulting decade has been an incredible joyride, an adventure filled with ups and downs as I journeyed towards the person I am today.  

The name Champagne Avenue spoke to me because I find myself in a resting space along my journey. I feel as if I have been enlightened to a balance I need to live a life of joy and inspiration. If it were a physical place on a spiritual plane this is where I would build a home. Not that I'll stay here forever but a spot where I can always return.  A place of peace, a place where I feel like myself.

I started this blog intending for it to be a space  to share the ideas and random ramblings that bounce around my mind and heart. Which it will be, but beyond that, I have come to realize the most meaningful reason I have the fantastic life I lead is the people in it. Over the years, my path has crossed so many incredible stories, beautiful minds filled with ideas that can impact the world. This realization showed me that this project had to be bigger than me. that I needed to bring along those I am so blessed to do this crazy thing called life with, and so I intend to showcase them as well. 

As you read through the posts please share your thoughts in the comments, I would love to hear what you think! 

Welcome to Champagne Avenue, I hope you hang out a while!

David Whitrow

A problem solver blessed with commonsense practicality, bred as a boy on the Canadian prairie. A world citizen with an international perspective gained through volunteer work in Africa, Asia and Central America. A life long learner with a passion for leadership and business strategy, he maintains an aptitute to apply critical thought to create unique solutions.