Don't just hire someone to do your taxes this year, learn to do them yourself and be empowered!

Each year I see my friends and family pay far too much of their hard earned money to hire someone (often me) to complete their annual income taxes even though their returns are relatively simple.

That got me to thinking... what if instead of charging people to do their taxes, I taught them how to do them on their own. That is when I set to work on Tax Tutors.

This year my clients will have two options:

Option 1

For $100 fee (plus GST and PST) I will do you taxes for you. No fuss no muss, I get it sometimes it's just easier to get someone else to do it. Message me at and we can set up getting your information. 

Option 2

Or, for a $100 fee (plus GST and PST) I will sit down with you for an hour and help you do your own return, online using Simple Tax, giving you the confidence you need so that next year you can do it on your own.  

I intend to be in the following cities:

  • Regina - April 11 - April 20
  • Edmonton - April 21-23
  • Ottawa - April 26 - April 30

To set up an appointment  please email me at or by text at 306-529-0389 and we can set something up!